2019 Automatic DTG4720 Flatbed Printer


Printer model:DTG-4720
Printing technology:Piezoelectric inkjet printing technology
Printhead:Brand new and original Epson printhead 4720*2 pcs
ink:Textile pigment ink
Color:Double 4 color: CMYK+ CMYK: 5 color: CMYK+White
Maximum print range:MAX 400mm*500mm
 ink supply system:Closed-loop ink supply system, white ink circulation system,white ink stirring system, white/color independent cleaning
Print material:100% cotton, high cotton blend
Printing platform:Small: 250*300mm Medium: 350*400mm Large: 400*500mm
Support image format:PNG/JPG/TIFF/BMP
 Printing resolution:3 pass 720*1800dpi 4 pass 720*2400dpi 6 pass 720*3600dpi
 System Support:WINDOWS XP/7/10
Power :Working power 200W standby power 50W
Best working environment:Temperature:22~30° HUmidity:40~60%
Output Interface:JSB20
Power supply:AC110240VAC,50/60Hz
 Fixing condition:Conveyor oven
ink supply method:Conveyor oven
(recommended): 160C3.5 minutes Or heat press: 165Cfor
50 seconds; the fixing temperature and time vary depending
Pretreatment:ust be performed when printing with white ink. After app lying with a roller or preprocessor before printing, it must be dried using a heat pres
 accessories:lying with a roller or preprocessor before printing, it must be
Equipment size:130*123*66CM



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