A4 size uncoating Flatbed Printer with laptop

A4 size uncoating Flatbed Printer with laptop

Model No.︰A4(330)

Brand Name︰Epson

Country of Origin︰Japan

Unit Price︰US $ 1779 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

New type A4 flat printer goes with the special ink heating, track and manual Rotary knob lift flatform construction, the upgraded and improved new product on sale NOW


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1.NO coating card can print directly Mobile shell printer and PVC cards.



Been ten years since we released the R230 flat printer, now we finally have the new type A4 flat printer with a big step forward on the construction. For the epson R230 printer is out of market now, so here we release the new type A4 flat printer refitting from epson R330 printer.


New A4 flat printer for any material card (no coating) printing

For a long time, the card’s straight printing has been a problem, having no better solution except making the special coating ( it costs much), But now we have the new type A4 card printer, it can straightly print the pvc cards, and other cards with no coating and in any material, also, the printed card will be waterproof and anti-scratch.  



1.      Under the non-human damage condition, the printer with one year warranty( not including the printer head, ink pump and the delivery fee for mending)  

2. Pls kindly note the printer head and ink pump will be easily damaged by eco-solvent ink, so the head will need to be replaced by new one around 3 month( sure maybe longer, which is base on the printing qty), and the ink pump need to change around each month.

2.      The printer can work normally under any temperature, but if you want the perfect printing effect, the ink need request on the temperature, the best temperature range is around 25 degree.

4. If it is not the quality issue on  the printer, returning is not acceptable here.

Gift with the machine(FREE):

RIP software  1 set

L800 CISS  1 set

High quality USB data line  1 set

solvent resistance needles and tube 1 set

New type A4 flat printer (from epson R330)

Printing valid area: 300mm*210mm

Available Printing height: 50mm

The largest printing height without the heating flatform: 70mm

The largest printing height without the lifting support: 70mm

Machine measurement: 650mm*470mm*430mm

Machine measurement when working( with the tray pulling out): 950mm*470mm*430mm


Packing detail:

Carton measurement: 76.5cm * 55.5cm * 53.5cm

Gross weight with packing: 50 KG



Here share the video for your easy reference at your side:
http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODU0NjU4MTk2.html  phone case

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODY3ODg5MTAw.html  No coating card



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