A3 Size Flatbed Printer T-Shirt Printer 1390 Printer Head With Heat Fuction

A3 Size Flatbed Printer T-Shirt Printer 1390 Printer Head With Heat Fuction

Model No.︰A3(1390)


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1800 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description


Bright colors, double the printing speed 


A3 + Universal Flatbed Printer is launched, newly launched

Free with heating device.


With heating device, the printing effect is good, the color is bright, and the printing speed is doubled.

The official standard movement is modified with Epson photo 1390 or 1430 machine

Buy the machine and send:

A set of RIP software

1 set of R1390 air supply

1 high-quality USB data cable

A set of solvent-resistant needles and hoses

A3 Flatbed printer

Printing method

Non-contact inkjet printing, Micro Piezo print head, CISS

Nozzle configuration

540 pieces Nozzle(90pieces *6colors)

Min drops

1.5 pico liters (with intelligent drops transform technology )


C M Y K +W W   /  C M Y K LC LM


A4size photo(Photo mode 111 seconds)

Printing size


Printing distance

1mm~3mm(1mm optimum)

Item heigh

Fixed height limit

Environmental requirement

Temperature 10-35℃/Humidity20-80%

Printing interface




Net Weight


Printing software

Acrorip823_W/Photoshop/CorelDRAW etc.

Operation system

Windows XP / Windows 7   Windows 8  Windows 10

Packing size


Accessories package

1.RIP software  1set     2. CISS  1set    4.High quality USB data line    1set                   5.power line   1PCS   6.solvent resistance needles and tube      1 set

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Advantages︰︰ Bright colors, double the printing speed

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