Fully automatic 6090 uv plate printer printing color, glass metal plastic materi

Fully automatic 6090 uv plate printer printing color, glass metal plastic materi

Model No.︰6090

Brand Name︰ For Epson

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 7800 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Printing size: 600mm*900mm
Printhead model For EPSON XP600 2 or 3 printhead
printhead number 2-3pc for choose
Min drops 3.5PL
Color C W Y K +W +V
Printing height 0-200mm
Curing system:  LED UV lamp curing system
Acceptable format: TIFF、BMP、EPS、JPEG
printing resolution: 2880DPI*1440DPI *720DPI*360DPI
Net Weight: 200kg
Cleaning system Separation positive pressure cleaning, anti-blocking flash spray function, full intelligent cleaning and moisturizing device
printing speed: Sketch mode printing 4Pass  8㎡/h
Quality mode printing:  6Pass  6-7㎡/h
High quality mode printing: 8Pass  5㎡/h
Printing interface: USB3.0
Operation system: Windows 7  Windows 10
Ink system: Siphon ink supply system to shorten the distance between the bottle and the head, make it more stable.
servo system: The precision of the three-axis all-in-one servo closed-loop control system is controlled to 0.01mm
Power: AC220V  P1000W
work environment: temperature:20-30℃  humidity:40%-60%
printer size: 1665*1560*720mm 
Certification CE、ROHS

Advantages︰︰ Support CMYKLc+W+V high-speed synchronous printing, automatic up and down induction height display system, white ink circulation system ink more fluid, printing platform floor suction, adjustable suction size, ink automatic alarm system, ink lack of automatic alarm prompt

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