ECO-Solvent ink for china DX5 DX6 DX7 printer and foreign brands MIMAKI ROLAND M

ECO-Solvent ink for china DX5 DX6 DX7 printer and foreign brands MIMAKI ROLAND M

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Brand Name︰colorsun

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 22 / pc

Minimum Order︰4 pc

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Product Description


1. ingredient Granule is super thin, all granule are between 90~200NM, all granule go through the 0.2 micrometre super filtration, will well resolve the blocking the printhead issue.

2.As we all know, insoluble pigment ink is with  excellent color fading protection ablity, which other dye ink can’t catch up with. The OMA waterproof pigment ink, printing effect is solid shiny black with black, and come out dazzlingly beautiful with the colorful colors, which is far from the normal dye ink can be compared with. 

3. The pigment goes with special surface tension, which ensure the smoothly printing, and ensure the doc text and photos go with the sharp and clear border, completely eradicate the paper spread and sink in issue, therefore, the printing imagine is super fine and clear, bring the excellent bright and clear visual feeling.

4. The unique chemical formulation, makes the ink system very stable, completely eradicate metamorphic, congeal and sediment. The edpiration date is more than 2 years, so use it with no worries pls.

5. Cause pigment ink have the best nanometer material with uvioresistant ability, make sure the art work and files can keep 75 or 100 year without color fading. 

6. The resin pigment, can do better on the super saturated and vivid colors, which apply on a quite wide field on digital sampling, digital printing and digital video.

Advantages︰︰ 6colors(C M Y K LC LM,Y has ecru and lemon yellow for you choice)

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