2020 NEW Automatic 3360 UV plus with single printhead

2020 NEW Automatic 3360 UV plus with single printhead

Model No.︰3360 plus

Brand Name︰colorsun

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3200 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

2020 NEW 3360UV Plus with double printheads   

WOW!!!only $4099

Color: C.M.Y.K.W.W.   W.W.W.W.W.W
3060 double printheads (all ink)

Color: C.M.Y.K.W.W.   V.V.V.V.V
3060 double printheads (with varnish)


2020NEW 3360UV Plus

1: Upgrade the metal rack drive to reduce printing errors

2: Upgrade the working frequency and range of the white ink circulating pump to reduce the white ink plugging.

3: Optimize the fixing method of the chain, and further reduce the noise decibels on the original mute effect.

4: The two-way printing of the board is upgraded, and the two-way calibration is simplified. Now one calibration can be achieved, reducing the white background and high stability of mass production.



A3+  UV Printer
Model 3360UV Plus Ink system Big ink bottle
Printing head for Epson XP600  1pcs Language niversal
ink colors C M Y K W W Software Riprint
Max Printing Size 330 x 600 mm Max Media
Maximum bottle size Diameter 60-140mm Width 300mm Max resolution 16pass
Printer head
Intelligent Self Protect System Net /Gross weight 68kg / 99kg
Printing speed
A4 photo
12PASS Color   3:37 Minutes
12PASS white+Color  3:47 Minutes
16PASS Color   5 Minutes
16PASS white+Color  5:16 Minutes
Printing interface GigE Vision
Printe  size 88*90*65cm Height adjustment universal
packing size 98*89*82cm
UV  Led Powe max power 30W, can be change
UV  Led
obverse 120 dgree, distance 1cm -40degree
UV  Led Cooling method Cycle water cooling + Heat sink (special cooling for extend the life of UV led )
White ink cycle   White ink cycle make the ink flow more smoothly  Prevent clogging of the print head
Accessories reticle line,software--driven,power lines,user manual,maintenance tools
Advanced Micro  Piezo 6 color pigment inkjet  technology
Windows Gigabit port - network adapter contains the following characters : Gigabit, GBE, 10/100/1000m, RTL8169
Shenzhen colorsun digital technology co.,Ltd
WhatsApp : +86 18607557659
website : www.color-sun.com



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