Original and New for Epson F056030 DX2 printhead

Original and New  for Epson F056030 DX2 printhead

Model No.︰F056030

Brand Name︰Epson

Country of Origin︰Japan

Unit Price︰US $ 260 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

New supply Inkjet solvent printer for Epson F056030 Black DX2 printhead on-sale


Head name--- DX2 Solvent Black Printhead (DP part number:PPHEPDX2SC6)

Description---original and solvent, made in Japan, with ID/serial number

F056030 Model Dx2 head 


Compatibility printer model:



For epson

For EPSON Color-1520K/3000,7000/9000/9500

For Roland

FJ-50 / FJ-52 / CJ-500 / SC-500 / SJ-500 / SJ-600 

For Mimaki

JV2-130 / JV2-90 / TX1

For Mutoh

Rockhopper 48 (Falcon Outdoor) / Rockhopper 62 (Falcon Outdoor) / Rockhopper 38 (Falcon Jr) / RJ-800 / RJ-4000 (Falcon) / RJ-4100 (Falcon) / RJ-4100P (Falcon Plus) / RJ-6100-46 (Falcon) / RJ-6100-54 (Falcon) / RJ-6100-62 (Falcon) / RJ-6100-46+ (Falcon Plus) / RJ-6100-54+ (Falcon Plus) / RJ-6100-62+ (Falcon Plus) / RJ-6000-43 (Falcon) / RJ-6000-54 (Falcon) / RJ-6000-62 (Falcon)



Inkjet printer nozzle is above most core components, machine showing the effect of the quality of more than ninety percent of the nozzle to decide, however, the nozzle is also among the most expensive inkjet printers, the most vulnerable parts of man-made damage, because these peculiarities make manufacturers in the factory before the sprinklers do a variety of harsh testing, does not exist on any quality problem, so manufacturers do not guarantee the sale of the nozzle, so we can not sell new sprinklers returned.

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